The Widget Development and Trading Company was formed to assist clients from around the world develop their products and place them in the global marketplace.

Why Widget?

There are a number of product development companies. There are also a number of brokerage firms. But there are very few firms that implement a holistic approach to product placement. We work with our clients from start to finish; “Concept to Distribution”. Our services are designed to be a continuous process that is inclusive of the client’s needs, location, and team.

We work with our clients wherever they are in the development phase of their consumable product. We will work with our client’s existing “Team”. However, if we determine that the “team member” lacks the requisite skills to perform the required task, we have a full complement of professional and design associates that we can recommend. Our “Team” of consultants include: Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Attorneys (ESQ), Copywriters, Videographers, Graphic Artist, Web Designers, Marketing Specialist, Sales Specialist and others.

The fees for our services and those of our associates are reasonable in accordance with industry standards. You are the “Master Chef”, we get your idea out of the kitchen, onto the store shelf, ready for check out at the grocery store; “from conception to distribution”.

Our Services

Workshops and Seminars
Widget conducts seminars and workshops to teach perspective entrepreneurs the requirements, and the process to take their idea from concept to distribution. Our workshops provide participants with new skills, information, and a step-by-step approach to complete the requirements to get a product to the market. We deliver a comprehensive overview of the process of product development and placement. This overview includes branding and marketing information that is necessary to make a “Widget” ready for the market.

Professional One on One Service to Clients

  • Product assessment.
    • Our staff and consultants assist the client with consumer research to evaluate the product potential in the market quickly and inexpensively.
  • Product development
    • You are the “Chef”! Widget helps you get your idea out of the kitchen. Our contacts include a number of co-packers that will work with the client’s concept to prepare a product that reflects the client’s original recipe, processing, and is in compliance with the US food industry standards. If necessary, the co-packers will modify the product formulation for export.
  • Branding, Logo and Packaging
    • Our team has graphic artists and web designers that will design the brand, logo and packaging for products.
      We work with the client to insure compliance with governmental regulations and requirements for refrigerated foods, frozen foods, and dry grocery.
  • Once product samples are developed.
    • We will present them to National and International Buyers.
    • We can also secure trade show space and staff the booth.
    • We can negotiate with sales reps and brokerage firms.
    • Manage introductions and sales presentation.
    • Prepare Certification documents (Veterans, Minority Women Owned and Disadvantaged Businesses) for submission to the appropriate agency.
    • Negotiate payment terms with the vendors
    • Prepare documents for electronic data interchange (EDI), and global data synchronization
    • Set up logistics for distribution and deliveries
    • Manage marketing strategies
    • Identify media opportunities

We get your idea up and running……



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UGA | Starting a New Food Business in Georgia
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